Rambler Skirt
Rambler Skirt

Rambler Skirt

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long jersey knit skirt
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Our Jersey Knit skirt for women is very similar to our Foxy skirt for girls in style but is made to be lower calf length.  I've been working with designs for about a year and came up with one that I think will be flattering on women of all sizes.  I would encourage our plus size customers to try one of these in their size.   It features a wide yoke waistband that needs no elastic and rises up a bit in the back which is very comfortable and solves the tugging and adjusting problem I find with some knit skirts.  There is an easy fit through the thigh and then a generous flare down to the hem.  The bottom of the skirt is not finished with a serge seam and hem like our other skirts.  Jersey knit does not fray and these skirts look best when you simply wash and dry, allowing the bottom edge to roll up.  They are super comfortable, easy to take care of and a great go to skirt any day of the week.  Wash and dry on cold or warm and throw over a hanger.

The jersey fabrics for this skirt can be found using the "Fabric Choices" link at the top of the page.  From there look in the knit fabrics section where you will find a group of solids.  They are high quality 95% cotton and 5% spandex.  They are middle weight and work well year round.  I experimented with fabric from several manufacturers before choosing these.  I like that they are almost all cotton but the spandex content allows them to spring back, meaning that your skirt looks tidy all day without any sort of stretched out look.  Finished length of this skirt is a relaxed 37", meaning that knits shrink a bit and stretch out again.  Please don't get too concerned about an exact finished length.  A finished length of 37" is as long as I can make these based on the width of the fabric, but you are welcome to shorten the skirt as desired.  Please order by waist measurement.

Waist Measurment
XS--26-27 inches
S--28-29 inches
M--30-31 inches
L--32-34 inches
XL--35-38 inches
XXL--39-43 inches