Garment Price Transparency

From time to time, I have clients who wonder how I go about pricing garments. Those of you who are long term customers have seen a small price change and I wanted to be sure you can see exactly how I go about pricing a garment. Pricing will of course vary based on size, the difficulty of the design, how long it takes to make as well as the price I pay for fabric. Alterations are extra and are based on cost of extra fabric as well as extra time needed. Here is an example of one of my more popular ladies dresses. 

Basic Ladies Prairie Dress

  • 2.5 hours to make x $20 hour labor cost = $50
  • 4 yards of fabric x $7 per yard = $28
  • Other material costs = $5
  • Overhead and administrative cost per garment = $8

Total garment construction cost = $91

Industry Standard Pricing (2X-3X Markup) = $182 and up

In the garment industry, normal wholesale markup begins at 2X actual construction cost. Were I to follow the industry standard, the cost for a Prairie Dress would begin at $182. Standard pricing would put a dress far beyond the scope of almost all my clientele. The actual price for this dress begins at $80 here on the website. 

Because I do not employ others, all the work from website to design to cutting and sewing is done by myself. My income comes from the actual labor cost built into each garment. As my prices are coming out a bit lower than cost and not all garment prices have yet been adjusted, it has become clear that my prices are too low. I am working towards paying myself more appropriately but also enjoy serving my client base with affordable prices.  

As costs continue to change, you will see slight changes in pricing. As I design new garments, I am considering the wholesale standard 2X markup as a way to assist with our family income while continuing to provide you with professional, made to order garments for your family.  

I hope this has been helpful.