Order Processing, Turnaround time and Updates:

Important Update:  Turnaround time is technically still a full 6 weeks for clothing orders but I'm getting some small orders out in the more usual one month turnaround. Fabric orders continue to ship weekly.  Rush orders are available again but please contact me before placing large rush orders to be sure I can accommodate your needs.  At present, I'm only processing one month rush orders. Thank you for your patience during this busy time.

First, thank you for shopping handmade at Graceful Threads!  I thoroughly enjoy providing you and your family with garments that are not easily found in brick and mortar stores. 

Turnaround time at Graceful Threads is 6 weeks.  I ship sooner whenever possible but request that you plan on 6 weeks so that there are no misunderstandings.  If you are a regular customer, you can help me by planning ahead and ordering as early as possible. Our busiest times of the year happen when seasons are in transition.  You can expect wait times during seasonal transitions and during our own family breaks to take the full 6 weeks. In order to make ordering as easy as possible even in a rush, I have added a RUSH ORDER section for those who need something done quickly. Simply add all the items to your cart and then go over to the rush order section, add the appropriate rush order charge based on the total amount of your order and you are all set. If I am too busy to accept rush orders, when you go to that section, you'll find it empty. I apologize for that first sense of disappointment, but keep careful track of how many garments are in line so that I don't promise what I cannot fulfill.

Many of you like to know where you are in line and my best guess as to when your order will ship.  Your customer code is the initials of your first and last name. Beside that you will see a date based on the six week turnaround time.  It is extremely rare that I do not make our six week window and will contact you if an emergency has slowed me down.  More often than not, most orders ship in about one month.  If a customer below you has an earlier ship date, it is not because I am neglecting your order but simply that they have placed a rush order.  Only custom orders appear here as fabric orders ship weekly.  I hope this continues to be a helpful tool for you in planning.   

ETSY orders have their own unique ship dates and will ship by the date promised when you purchased your garment.  Check your ETSY receipt for more information.  Those dates can also be found below.

Website Custom Order Ship Dates:

JG--Shipping by October 29

BF--Shipping by October 29

SR--Shipping by October 30

CB--Shipping by November 2

BB--Shipping by November 13

HG--Shipping by November 14

IS--Shipping by November 16

BB--Shipping by November 20

TS--Shipping by November 26

BK--Shipping by November 29

ETSY Custom Order Ship Dates:

RC--Shipping by October 20

ES--Shipping by October 21

SF--Shipping by October 21

DJ--Shipping by October 22

CW--Shipping by October 22

KP--Shipping by October 23

CE--Shipping by October 26

TS--Shipping by October 22

WV--Shipping by October 26

GH--Shipping by October 27

JR--Shipping by October 27

EC--Shipping by October 28

JM--Shipping by October 30

AM--Shipping by November 3

EC--Shipping by November 3

PM--Shipping by November 12

JB--Shipping by November 12

DR--Shipping by November 13

KL--Shipping by November 13

RS--Shipping by November 13

KK--Shipping by November 16

NB--Shipping by November 19

MS--Shipping by November 19

RD--Shipping by November 20

TE--Shipping by November 20

CY--Shipping by November 20